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  • Wayne Fisher

Sleep is Precious!!!

Struggling with good sleep has been a lifelong struggle for me being diagnosed with sleep apnea? Having gone through various sleep studies it was determined my apnea was on the severity index and would require a CPAP device which is a continuous positive airway pressure. CPAP therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It has been years of struggle getting used to the device and only with some pharmacological help I was able to start on the machine up to 8 hours a night and felt tremendous benefits of increased energy and a clearer sense of self. At my doctor’s suggestion it was advisable to wean off sleep medication and this lead me down the rabbit hole for some time struggling to get any consistency with my sleep.

The turning point been told my hemoglobin was high and I decided that my mind is stronger than the body and I could do this!!!

I took myself off my sleep medication found a natural herb called Valerian and have had tremendous success with average of 8 hours sleep with my CPAP device.

The message here is our minds are powerful and is the most power we possess.

A personal journey by Wayne Fisher

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