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Health Wellness Jar

Growing up, family households have been using different types of jars for baking/cooking, budgeting, sports and activities, vacation, homemade gifts and crafts, etc....Each jar served a purpose from making meals/desserts, saving money, being physically active, and teaching kids simple life lessons. But there was one jar that was missing a “Health Wellness Jar”. People avoided talking about Mental Health because they were in denial, unaware they needed to seek help, embarrassed/scared of being labelled so they hid it from everyone and it was just easier to say “I am Okay”. Now, moving forward to 2020-2021, the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in significant social and economic disruption, supply/food shortages, panic buying, numerous educational institutions and public areas have been partially or fully closed. As a result, people are struggling with financial hardship, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. As a community we need to promote good mental health, support and expand awareness for people that are dealing with mental health issues. Help me fill this Positive Jar! Add a positive word to this jar that starts with the first letter of your name: A – Admire. Also, create jars filled with quotes and good memories with family. Enjoy your time together.

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