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"I have known Beverlee for nearly 20 years and is one of the most creative therapists I have worked with. She is extremely client centered and will ensure the clients goals are followed and will always find the "ability" in a client. She also works with families and provides a "train the trainer" model so the clients become independent to the best of their abilities and are not enabled. She is a team players and works collaboratively with all clinical team members and ensures the clients goals are met and tweaking the clinical programme if and when required. Beverlee is a strong client advocate, goes above and beyond and follows best practices and outcome based therapy.

Apart from her role as an owner, Occupational Therapist and Life Care Planner, she still finds the time to give back to the community, and currently she sits on the Brain Injury Society of Toronto's Volunteer Committee since its inception in 2005. Beverlee also supports all the different brain injury association initiatives, sponsors events, attends conferences to further advance learning, mentors, presents and is an educator for her staff, clients and families."

Colleen Boyce

Director, Neurological Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario

"I've known Beverlee since 2007. Not only has she helped me out after my accident but she's been my daughters Occupational Therapist since her accident in 2009.

Beverlee and her team were a tremendous support in my rehabilitation after my accident. Beverlee took the time to help and support me with my needs and to make adjustments at home for myself and for my family.

Beverlee and her tea mare always coming up with new strategies and methods to support my daughter with her homework so that she will be successful in school.

It's been a pleasure having Beverlee and her team working with myself and my family. They are not only our Occupational Therapist, tutors or Rehabilitation Coaches, they are our friends now and I'm very happy to have them apart of my family.

Thanks Beverlee Melamed and associates for everything you  have done and for what you're doing for others."

Marlen Teixiera


"My first meeting with Beverlee took place in the fall of 2010 when my father was transferred to the Toronto Rehab Institute, following a traumatic brain injury in the summer of 2010.

Beverlee acted as per request of our lawyer to assist us with the process of recovery and rehabilitation following my father's accident. She provided an invaluable amount of insight regarding traumatic brain injuries and what to expect following this particular type of injury. She was able to clearly outline specific goals for rehabilitation, which were related to the particular type of head injury that my father sustained. This was accomplished using an array of current and effective Occupational Therapy strategies.

Upon my father's discharge from hospital in 2011, Beverlee oversaw the coordination of Occupational Therapy techniques via a Rehabilitation Coach employed by her company. My father was consulted on the types of activities in the community that he enjoyed and these activities were integrated into effective cognitive therapy. This therapy helps to improve memory, judgement, cognition and overall socialization. In the years to follow, Beverlee's company took over as case manager, allowing me to have access to someone who could help navigate the insurance system for treatment plans and claims. Whenever I needed advice or guidance on how to proceed she was always available, merely a phone call away. We are very grateful to have such a compassionate person on our team."

Melissa Reznor

Client's Family Member

"Beverlee and I have known each other for fourteen years now I believe, and I would not have been able to get to where I am today without her.  Especially after having experienced such a traumatic brain injury, she has provided me with so much help, personal support, and countless resources. She has always been there for me to talk to eve throughout her own busy day to day life. Not only that, but she has always ensured that I had the academic resources that I needed after being left with a learning disability.

She has also provided me with the resources that I need to pursue my interests though communication with my insurance company. This includes my computer, cell phone and other media editing software that I love to get creative with. There has never been a point in my life when she has not been there for me, constantly sending her love and support. I could never have recovered so well without Bev. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot possibly thank her enough.

Beverlee is an amazing individual, and has done a marvelous job with her work and continuous inspirational advice."

Nicole Addison


"Beverlee has been a longstanding member of the Brain Injury Association of Toronto (BIST) and has won the Volunteer Appreciation Award in 2014 for her work on BIST's Volunteer Appreciation Committee.

Beverlee continues to be active on this committee, bringing her passion & commitment to the group. This year, she came through in BIST's time of need and helped purchase items for our annual picnic and presented this year's winner with their award."

Melissa Vigar

Executive Director, Brain Injury Society of Toronto

"I have known Beverlee since 2005 when my Godson suffered a catastrophic brain injury, and the lawyers' office we were dealing with recommended her services. Since that time, she and her team have provided a range of Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation support services to my Godson, as he continues on his journey of ABI recovery and movement towards independent living.

What I have most appreciated about Beverlee throughout the years of our contact together is her respect for my knowledge and her willingness to fully engage with me in a therapeutic way, and to meet me at that level, not just as a person caring for someone with a brain injury. It is my suspicion based on her responsive over 13 years of a relationship, that she likely meets all her clients from this perspective - by engaging with them, with respect, from the place where they are at. Moreover, her capacity to hire and supervise competent and compassion professionals on her team is second to none. She has a strong business mindset, but it is equally mixed with a passion for what she does. Because of that, I know I will interact with caring and knowledgeable staff at every level; most of whom have stayed with her through the years, which demonstrates to me the kind of business she is running. Every single member of her team that has engaged with my Godson and has demonstrated the same care and respect that she does. In addition to their respect and caring, I always know that I will get timely and efficient responses to my inquiries and that actions taken are always done so with utmost professionalism.

Cheryl Moore-Pangrazzi


Client's Legal Guardian

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