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  • Emily Singh

Survivor Story: Valerie Azinge

Our team would like to share a special client success story that not only changed our outlook on life but also strengthened our belief in the power of community and rehabilitation.

On September 15, 2018 Valerie Azinge's life changed when she was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. Her friend died on impact and she spent the next 3 months going from the hospital to rehab learning how to walk again.

While recovering in the hospital, Valerie was presented with a cookbook deal to share some of her healthy, low carb recipes. Her journey to becoming a published author took off as she began putting together healthy, easy and fun recipes for a book that would go on to be sold in Indigo stores across the country.

The entire Innovative Rehab team is proud of Valerie's accomplishments and was fortunate enough to attend her official book launch picnic this past year!

Valerie's book can be purchased here!

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